15 Complete Bridal Accessories

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Woman have been accessorizing since they were children and this is no secret. Women love to accessorize with every occasion possible. This happens to be true when it comes to brides as well. There is no reason a bride can not accessorize to perfection.

The truth is that on any given day the right accessory can change a very simple outfit to a stylish and trendy one. The power of fashion is immense and has been since it’s beginnings.

There are accessories for everyone! For the philanthropist, for the eccentric, for the boho in you. No matter what your style is there are accessories out there for you. However true this is, there are rules and one must know them. Just as with everything else, there is a balance and it can not be denied.

When it comes to accessories in general and especially to bridal accessories one must choose a “piece du resistance” as a center and work from there. There are cultures where the embellishment of accessories is permitted, but that is another story altogether.

As bride make sure you have one strong accessory and work around that. You shouldn’t have multiple statement pieces on you as it will take away from the dress. Let’s say you have a strapless wedding dress, then your key accessory should be a necklace. If you have a crown or a tiara, you should skip the necklace and opt for a statement bracelet. And so on. Here are the most important accessories a bride can have to wear, choose wisely.


Crown or Tiara

There is no piece of jewelry that screams Queen more than a crown. Since the beginning of kingdoms, Kings and Queens have worn crowns. These pieces of ornamented jewels rested upon their heads and reflected authority. There is no time closer nor is there a better time to feel like royalty for a day than that of your wedding. It will be your grand day, a party set as a ball to celebrate your union.

A tiara is the same thing as a crown. The definition difference being that a tiara was worn mostly by ladies as an ornament over their heads.


Hair Accessories

There are so many hair accessories to choose from for brides. If the crown is a bit too much for you there is plenty more in the hair accessories department. There are so many variates to choose from. You can opt for Swarovski crystals, to pearl beading, artificial flowers, and even real flowers. Have a chat with your hairdresser and choose what is best for you. Having the right hair accessory will make your veil stand out perfectly.

You can also choose simpler alternatives such as headbands, hairpieces or hairpins, especially if your veil is more extravagant.



The veil has a long history and we won’t get into it as it is a little bit on the strange side of things. This tradition has continued over the decades and we love it! The fabric of the veil can vary from numerous models. It can be the same as the dress or simple. The main idea when choosing the right veil is this one simple tip to keep in mind; it should complement the dress in a perfect balance.

This means that if the dress is made from a more complicated material, with beading or voluptuous lace the veil should be simple to keep the balance and have the dress pop out. If the dress is simple, then the veil can be more complex. It can be lace or crystals, anything you might want yet again – keeping the balance is key.

Having both the dress and the veil be very extravagant will give off a heavy feel to the bride. If they are both too simple, they will go unnoticed and it will look off. You can accessorize this look with jewelry.



The earring as a statement piece on your wedding day would go best if your hair is up. This way you can accessorize your ears and they will pop out. If your hair is down then it would be a shame to have the earrings covered and not be seen when you could easily focus your accessories on another part of your body.

With earring, there are numerous alternatives for every taste. From pearls, diamond studs to chandelier style earrings.



The decolletage is one of the main focuses on the female body since the beginning of time. Working with your wedding gown you can choose the type of accessories you wish to have and what you want to bring out. The are numerous models and variates to choose from. From flashy to subtle. The choice is yours.


Something on the Shoulders

Depending on the weather, and we do hope it will be sunny, you might need a little bit of coverage. The last thing a bride wants is to catch a cold or have a red nose in her photographs. A small faux (we are animal-friendly) fur bolero, a stylish jacket, a shrug or a cardigan will do the trick. Make sure to have it on hand if there is a chance it might be chilly.

It will look stylish and it will make for great photos. You can have something made that will go perfectly with the wedding dress. It will seem as if you have two looks in one wedding.



My personal favorite. Nothing looks more beautiful than an amazing piece of jewelry on the wrist of a bride. Complimented with a great pair of earrings, this will be an amazing look. The more thick or flashy bracelet will not work with a flashy necklace, so choose wisely or make it work by adding your own style. There are numerous styles to choose from here as well, from pearls to crystals and even a corsage style bracelet will look amazing. A flashy bracelet can be worn at other events as well, keep that in mind future brides.



A more “Audrey Hepburn” classic elegant touch to most any attire. If your dress is strapless or does not have sleeves than opting for gloves will give you the ultimate lady look. It is said that in the book of good manners a lady should always cover her hands at all times with gloves. This is why to this day you will see women wearing them even in the summertime. They aren’t weird, they are the last remaining generation of true ladies left in the world.

The fabric can be lace or classic satin. You can have long gloves or short wrist gloves. The possibilities are endless.



This might not be the best day to keep all your belongings on you but you are only human and you need your things. You might not end up carrying it that much but having a clutch bag will help you out tremendously on your wedding day. The are numerous models, sizes and shapes to choose from. You can have your clutch made from the same material as your wedding dress will be. Just ask if you could have some extra material for your clutch or ask if they can have it made for you. It will make for a great keepsake when you have children to pass it down. Moms wedding clutch!


Belt or Brooches

In my personal professional experience, a belt has the ability to complete a wedding dress to perfection. Sometimes it is that certain something that is missing from the dress. Especially if the bride has a small waistline than a belt this will make it even slimmer. Wanting to look perfect on your wedding day is more than understandable. Make sure the material is thin and doesn’t add to the waistline and you are as good as gold.

The brooch is a very classic piece that very few women are seen wearing. It is another piece of accessory that can be added to the waistline to complete a bridal gown.


Bridal Petticoat

The petticoat or the hoop as some call it will give your dress that fairytale look of a princess in a ball gown. There are many dresses that are not presented with a petticoat. If you see a dress that you like and you would want it to be a little extra fluffy, ask at the store if they can add a hoop. In most cases they can add these petticoats, you just need to decide beforehand so that the length will be just right with the hoop added.



When it comes to sexy brides there always seems to be a garter involved. There is this iconic image that movies have left us with where the bride in sitting and the groom is taking the garter off of her leg. It is implemented in our minds and having one that you like will make you feel extra sexy on your wedding day. The best part is that you can choose any color that you want. What’s underneath is private, until your future husband takes it off in public!


Bridal Lingerie

Speaking of sexy again, the bridal lingerie is key to any bride. It might not show at all (hoping nothing goes wrong with your dress) the lingerie is there to make you feel sexy and confident. We all know that confident women have that extra spark about them that radiates. On your wedding day, you should add some of that spark to your wedding attire and accessorize as you see fit. It will be your little secret until the morning comes of course.



Just like in any other day of your life, but more important are the shoes. There is no reason to hide your feet just because your gown is long. We know that when the garter will be taken off the whole wedding will be seeing your shoes. Choose something that suits your taste, goes with your dress and is comfortable. If you want you can opt for two pairs of shoes just to be sure you have something to change into when your feet will be hurting. Make sure that the shoe heel is the same height so that you don’t drag the wedding gown around.


Anklet Bracelet

This piece of accessory is for those women that swear by this fashion trend. It has to be something you usually wear that represents you, to choose to wear on your wedding day. Yet again, it will look pretty sexy when that garter is coming off.


There you have it, all the accessories a bride can have on her on her wedding day. The truth about accessories is that all is permitted if you think it works. You don’t have to follow the rules if you don’t see them as fit. The main idea with accessories especially on your wedding day is to find the perfect balance. If you wish to do so, it is your wedding and you should do as you wish. But if you want to follow the natural balance that surrounds fashion and all of us even in life, then choose to equilibrate all things for the best outcome possible.

Even as a bride there are plenty of accessories to choose from.


Sean Benfield is a writer based in the North East UK and an enthusiastic lover of weddings since 2008 when he was married and still is happily so. He works for Newton Hall, one of the finest wedding venues in Northumberland specialising in extraordinary outdoor weddings.

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