15 Wedding Shopping Tips! (Pre-Wedding Shopping)

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When it comes to weddings there is one aspect that has great meaning, the wedding gown. For most women finding the right wedding dress is a very important part of the wedding preparation, one of the most important some might say. In all honesty, the bride is the main star of the evening having eyes on her all night long. Everyone has eyes only for the white gown.

Growing up most girls use to dream about the day they would get married and the big fluffy white dress. Chances are that most little girls grew up watching Disney fairy tales with Princesses and promises of true love. All of these stories end with one enchanted girl and her prince in shining armor on horseback having a grand wedding. It is only normal that all girls grow up wanting the fairy tale.

Nowadays finding the perfect wedding dress can be a little more than stressful for most future brides. Unless you are 100% sure of what it is that you want from a wedding dress you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. With all the variety that exists it only makes choosing a perfect wedding gown even harder.

Before you find the wedding dress there is a lot of wedding shop scouting that goes on. Finding the right stores and going in prepared is just as important as finding the right dress. It is a first step that will pave the way for your wedding dress scavenger hunt.

Here are some tips for helping you get organized and having a clear mind before buying the wedding dress. Before you find the wedding dress you have to find the wedding store that has the wedding dress. When it comes to searching for the perfect wedding dress, online stores, bridal shops and wedding fairs are your main focus.

We want to make your wedding shopping experience one that will be more pleasant and reaming a wonderful memory for you. Go in like a Pro and find your dress!

Get Organized

Make sure to get a binder and start writing down any idea that you might have that are wedding related. Make a dress section in the binder and start choosing what it is that you might like from a wedding dress. As random as some ideas you might write down seem to you, it will make all the difference when you are face to face with a wedding dress professional.

Starting off with an idea of the type of dress you are looking for will make it much easier for the stores representative to help you better.

Have a pen with you to write down the store and model of any dress you might like for when you make your final preliminary choices.

Set A Budget

This aspect is very important as it will help you be more oriented when you begging your quest for the perfect wedding gown. Setting financial boundaries is very important. Choose a sum that represents the highest you are willing to pay for purchasing your wedding gown and try to stick to it. If you settle on a budget it will make wedding shop scouting easier, and it will save you a lot of time. When you finally find the wedding dress of your dreams that fits in the exact budget you have set, remember you will also be needing shoes and accessories as well.

Book Inexpensive to Expensive

Always try to book your appointments in order of price and quality from lowest to highest to say so. Just as with everything else in the world quality has a price and with wedding gowns, the same applies. Do not book your first appointment with the most expensive extravagant store on your list. Try to make a list of the wedding shops in order of price. You can get all this information from reviews online and even ask for some store prices for certain dresses that you saw and liked on their website and then book accordingly.

If you start at the top and find a great wedding gown that you like and realize that it might be a little too expensive and move on to another store you might find yourself a little disappointed.

You aren’t giving the other stores a fair chance from the beginning. You never know where you might find your dream wedding gown.

Do Your Homework

There is nothing better than being prepared. If you do not prepare you will find yourself overwhelmed with questions that you won’t be able to answer once you arrive at the store. It would make your experience a lot easier and it will help the store representative get an idea of what it is that you want. You have to keep in mind that these ladies are professionals and do this all day, every week.

Have Breakfast

Make sure to have a healthy breakfast before going dress shopping as you might find it to be a little bit overwhelming and tiresome. You will be spending enough time in certain bridal shops and trying on a lot of dresses. You will need all your energy.

Pinterest is Your best friend

Pinterest has become one of the most popular and sought out platforms when it comes, well to most things. When it comes to weddings there isn’t anything that you won’t find on Pinterest. It is a great source of inspiration. Pinterest offers great ideas for dresses, accessories and everything wedding related you might need. Pinterest takes you from one image that you like to dozens of others that are similar. Pinterest is quite sneaky if you think about it, but it is a great wedding ally to have in your pocket. You can refer to the photos you saved and pined once you find yourself in the wedding dress shop.

Have An Open Mind

Going set on a certain style is great but do not cut yourself off from other styles just because you think you don’t like the idea. You probably haven’t done this before and do not know how all dress styles would look on you. It doesn’t hurt to try new things and it might even help you better understand what is it that suits your silhouette best.

Do not go to wedding dress shops with a set mind if you are not certain of what it is that you want or have not tried on most dress styles. You might end up being surprised by the variety of gowns that better suit you than the idea of what you went in the store set on.

Have an Idea of what you want

Keep an open mind but make a list of the style that you want and work around that. Maybe you decide that you want a lace ball gown and are surprised that a satin mermaid gown looks even better. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and then realizing that you can make it better. The small details always make the biggest difference.

If you know with certainty you want a tulle dress just make sure that you let the store representative be aware of your wishes and work with her.

Go in Great Spirits

When it comes to shopping, for most of us it is considered a sort of therapy that helps us cope and feel better about diverse things. When it comes to a more targeted shopping experience, like wedding dress shopping then it becomes even more profound. Make sure you are feeling up to the challenge. Keep in mind that you will be trying on multiple dresses and this has the tendency to take a toll on most women. Being in the right state of mind and in a great place spiritually will help you be more energetic. Have some pills for a headache on you just to be preventive.

Have plenty of Time

Do not go wedding dress shopping on your lunch break. This will only make your decision process even more confusing than it already might be. Your mind is set that it only has 30 to 45 minutes of dress scouting to do and it will only make you agitated and confused.

Make Appointments

Always make appointments for wedding dress shopping. There is nothing better than knowing that you have the next appointment all to yourself with the store representative. Your mind will be at ease and you will have time and your own room for trying on all the dresses that you want.

Give the wedding dress time

Make sure that you are preprepared that once you find your dream wedding dress it will take some time for it to be made. Most stores take somewhere between 2 to 8 months for the dress to be made. So make sure that you have enough time before the wedding so that you aren’t forced to buy a dress that you do not want.

Trust the Consultant

You might know what you want or what you think looks best on you but you must keep in mind that the store representative has more experience than you, your friends or family do. When it comes to wedding dresses remember that the help of a professional is always welcomed.

Bring a Friend

Trust the wedding shop consultant, but bring a trusted friend or a family member as well. In all honesty, the store consultant might know a lot but she does not know your personal style. Having someone who loves you and wants you to look your best on your wedding day is very important.

Shop on Weekdays

Most stores, in general, are full on weekends as everyone is free. From grocery to malls, people are running errands and shopping on weekends to relax from all the stress, as we mentioned earlier. The same goes for bridal shops but with a small twist, everyone makes appointments here.

Imagine having 1 hour and a dozen dresses to try on. That means you have 8 minutes per dress and this is with putting each one on and taking it off. You will be exhausted when your hour is up and you will not have found the perfect dress. Now imagine going on the weekdays and having all the time in the world. Take a day off from work and book your bridal shop appointments and make a day of it. You will be exhausted at the end, but at least you will have a clear idea of what each store offers.


There is no reason to not enjoy your wedding dress shopping experience as much as possible. Shopping for a wedding dress for most women is very important. As this is probably one of the most expensive dresses that most women will buy in their lives, taking your time is very important. Make sure to be prepared and try to enjoy your wedding dress shopping day experience as much as possible. Happy shopping to you all.


Sean Benfield is a writer based in the North East UK and an enthusiastic lover of weddings since 2008 when he was married and still is happily so. He works for Newton Hall for Weddings Northumberland specialising in extraordinary outdoor weddings.

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Sean Benfield

I'm a writer and avid enthusiast of all things to do with weddings, planning getting married and wedding venues. I live and work on the beautiful Northumberland coast in the North East of the UK.