2018 Fashion Trends For Wedding Dresses

In 2018, Wedding Dress fashions will take on a whole new look that you are just going to love! Wedding gowns will be ranging in styles and designs in a very dramatic way. Here are some trends that will express each bride’s own taste and independent quirks.

Romantic Lace Is Back

Lace, at some point, fell off the charts in wedding dress designing. Lace, unfortunately, got the reputation of being old-fashioned and non-trendy. But romantic lace is back and brides can’t get enough of these gorgeous gowns. These gowns are beautiful, traditional, and ever so romantic! Overlays of lace along the bodice is not only gorgeous but very, very popular. Many of these traditional gowns also have long lacy sleeves that will take your breath away. The bride coming down the aisle will be stunning!

The Gorgeous Beaded Bodice Look

Bead work on wedding gown bodices has always been in fashion and is one of the most popular looks for a bride’s special day. In the past, the bodice had been simple, drawing attention to the skirt. This year, attention will be drawn to this exquisite bodice with intricate beaded details from the waist on up. The bodice of your wedding dress can be either from the waste up to the neckline or from the waste to the top of a strapless gown.

Floral Prints Are In

Over this past year, floral prints have become extremely popular and now those prints are finding their way to wedding gowns! Many brides have been looking for wedding dresses that are not your standard white and their wishes are coming true. Gorgeous full skirts or the entire gown are now in a soft, subtle floral print and are taking center stage. These prints are mostly prints in an ivory or white but some also incorporate a soft touch of colour in the pattern. So, if you are looking to make an individual statement, these gowns might just be what you are looking for.

Side Cutouts For A Sexy Look

This design has become immensely popular adding just a touch of every so sexy! This form fitted, side cutout dress is so trendy you will want to jump on it. Most of these dresses look very traditional from the front but the sides have just enough view to reveal some skin. The dress’s cutouts can be subtle and small or completely open, offering a choice in taste.

Metallic Pastels Are On The Scene

For the bride that just does not want to wear any form of white, metallic pastels are here for you! Many brides have walked down the aisle in blushing pink but now the trend is including a marvelous mint or perfect peach! Brides can now match the color with their skin tone, how cool is that!

Bridal Pants Are In

If you are someone who would like a more relaxed design and prefer pants over a gown, you are in luck! If you like the feel of pants and find gowns bothersome, you can have the combination of elegant beauty and have the sleek look of pants. One option, try combining a fitted bodice with beautiful, draped palazzo pants for a striking look.

Short Skirts With Lots Of Style

This clever look lets you show off your gorgeous legs, allowing you to be a little playful on your special day. Next year will bring in a whole new look in wedding dresses with this cute and playful design. This is an excellent look for brides who prefer to stay away from tradition and be carefree to dance the night way!

The Tankini

So, you might well ask, what is a Tankini? Tankini (or Tanktini) came on the scene designing swimsuits and now are designing wedding gowns. These two-piece gowns are really hot and growing in demand. The designs include a full skirt with a small top that has a slight opening for the bride’ s belly shown in between! It’s trendy, it’s cute, and it’s ever so playful!

Bring Sparkle To The Aisle

This is for the bride who wants to stand out and be the center of attention with a lot of sparkle! There are many gowns this year that are allowing brides to sparkle from head to toe. You will light up any room with a gown covered in sparkles! On the dance floor, lights will give this bride unbelievable sparkling effects. You can opt for a subtle look to add shine to the fabric or go really wild with rhinestones covering the entire gown.

In 2018, brides are going to have an enormous range in styles and colors for their very special day. They can choose from traditional to romantic, from bold to sexy, and everything in between! With so many fashion statements to choose from, 2018 brides will find the perfect gown to make her own individual statement on her special wedding day!

Sasha Durant

I'm a professional writer with a specialised focus on weddings / photography and in general the broader leisure industry.