The Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts

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Once upon a time, there was a great ball held in a faraway land. The day seemed perfect. The grand hall was arranged to perfection as if fairies had come to dress the walls and tables with colors and clots of silk and with flowers that seemed to rain on the guests from above somehow. These fairies are known as bridesmaids.

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The ladies wore grand ballroom gowns and had their hair perfectly done as if made from porcelain. The gentlemen stood tall in black, looking like perfect tuxedo cats. They all stood still and awaited the princess dressed in white.

This may all sound perfect, but until you reach perfection there is a long road down the wedding count down calendar!

Ever since most girls were little they have been dreaming of this day. As soon as the adrenaline high from the proposal that comes from the man of your dreams fades a little over the upcoming weeks most couples go into overdrive and there is nothing wrong with that! There is nothing wrong with wanting your dream day to be perfect.

You make sure as a couple that everything is taken care of from the venue to the food, from the flowers to the vases, from the music to the dance floor around the tables. You think of everything, or at least you try!

As a bride and groom, you have plenty of obligations. There are a ton of things to be done and it depends on the type of person you each are and how you get things done. But you can take a breath and handle things differently.

If you are amongst those that are lucky to have numerous friends on which they can rely on, people that are close to you, and people that you can trust, there is no reason not to use them in your favor. Now there is no reason why you can’t have help. Your friends are your best allies. During this time they go from best friends to bridesmaids. The title changes a little bit but the reaction stays the same. These bridesmaids deserve to be compensated somehow. The truth is that these people are your best friends in the whole wide world. These bridesmaids happen to have known you since you can both remember and had grown up side by side, or maybe they are new great friends.

There is no reason not to rely on the help of your best friends on your special day! As we all know it is customary to do something nice for your bridesmaids to show your gratitude for their help during this time.

These ladies, aka the bridesmaids, will probably help you choose your wedding dress, plan your bachelorette, calm you down in moments when the craziness takes over or in other words when your mind is “crazy” and so on. Besides simple common ideas like paying for the bridesmaid dresses, you should get them a token of appreciation.

The bridesmaids will have plenty to attend to for certain. They have pledged their allegiance to the wedding and to the bride to be, to be there and accommodate her every wish as crazy as it may seem.

Let’s consider something to commemorate your day not just for you as bride and groom, but something special for your best friends as well. This will make them very happy, especially if you actually get them something they can use after the event has passed. Something that will stand the test of time.

Thoughtful gifts for the bridesmaids

These gifts should be thoughtful and a flask with their initials on them or a huge box of condoms won’t suffice unless you girls have a serious drinking and some other sort of problem. Same goes for shirts with “team bride” because they will never wear them again!

Here are some ideas for the perfect gift for your Bridesmaids that they will appreciate and use after the wedding has passed.

Matching Shoes

You can either go with shoes to match the bridesmaid dresses or something they can wear at the bachelor party. You can even insert a monogram on them. You can choose from sneakers, flats, ballerinas, sandals or whatever you choose and is appropriate for when you go out.


This is a gift that they will enjoy and use for a long time. This is the perfect gift. You can choose what type to get. From comfy to sexy it is your choice and you know each one best. Getting them matching pajamas if you have a slumber bachelorette party will assure your photos come out looking perfectly synchronized.

A Small Bag

You can also opt for a small bag since well, women love bags of all shapes and sizes. You can even choose a small drawstring pouch. You can even monogram these as well.

Eye Mask and Eye Cream

You can even have the last slumber party with your bridesmaids and this piece will be perfect for that night and obviously for nights to come. You can buy these with initials already on them.

Homemade facial scrub

Since there will be nights lost with the bachelorette party your girls will be losing sleep and we all know that leaves a mark on the face and the whole body! We are not young anymore. You can even get creative and make a scrub for them just for this occasion and have it placed in small jars with ribbons and initials.There are so many recipes online for homemade scrubs from coffee ( to wake your girls up), honey, olive oil to hydrate your girls.

Skin Care Products

Another item we all love, skin care products. We might all own more than we use but that has never stopped any of us from acquiring more product. You can even include a shade of nail polish that you wish for the bridesmaids to wear on your day.


Every girl in the world loves to get foundation. Since your wedding and the bachelorette party will take a toll on your bridesmaids you should consider offering a facial product; something to take care of the sleepless nights, a foundation to show her you care that she lost all of last night’s sleep just for you.

A Care Basket

As soon as the wedding will be over you will be flying off to some remote exotic destination with the love of your life ready to relax from the major party you just threw! Good for you!

Your bridesmaids, on the other hand, are going to be exhausted period! Most of them will be on their way back home. Most of them just like most of your guests will be on their way to work.

The perfect gift would be a care basket. You can choose to put whatever you want inside. A bottle of red to un-“wine”, a candle, some bath salts and a tall glass for the wine. What could be more perfect? Try to offer your girls a little vacation as well.


This is a perfect idea for a gift for your bridesmaids. They will love it and they will wear it after the wedding has passed. There is so much to choose from for all budgets. You can choose from silver to gold depending on how much you wish to spend. These can easily be discreetly monogrammed as well. It can be a piece of jewelry that means something to you. An anchor or sea shell bracelet if you live somewhere near water.


There are a ton of random ideas that you can choose from. They do not have to be related to your wedding as much as they should be related to the bridesmaid. She will see the gift you give her every time she uses it and will involuntarily think of your wedding. That is all you can wish for, to leave a wonderful memory attached to something she will get use out of on a daily basis.

Tradition from far away

If there is something in your culture that is different from everyone else, you can make your bridesmaids apart of your roots. Imagine traditional outfits from far away, something new and alluring. A list of cultures:

Greek bride can offer a traditional white and blue outfit;
Indian bride a lively color outfit;
Romanian bride can offer their beautiful IA shirts that just happen to be very expensive;
Muslim bride has enough culture to choose from and plenty to offer from art to jewelry and different essences that will put any major perfume brand to shame;
Russian brides can get dolls and so on.
It does not matter what the tradition is, they will love it because it is a part of you and where you come from, who you are.

A time piece watch

A watch is an extravagant gift. Since the object of the watch is to tell time, it might as well be the perfect gift. The telling time market has sure come a long way in the last couple of years. The watch industry has reached a very stable place, where you can purchase a name brand watch for a reasonable amount that surpasses with its quality.

The Day at a Spa

The most thoughtful gift I could think of to give to those hard working, amazing bachelorette girls that partied and those bridesmaids that well, let’s be honest; waited on you hand and foot is a day at a spa!

There are many ideas to choose from. The most important part is just to think of them and choose any token to show your affection and appreciation towards them for all the help and effort they put in your day.

The main idea is that whatever you choose as gifts for your bridesmaids, it is important to choose from the heart and do it with heart! Remember these ladies could have just been simple guests to your wedding but they choose to be the brides’ right hand. Show your appreciation and love for them. Show them that all those nights before you met the perfect male mattered. Show them that you never could have made it without them in your life. Before we get married we are just girls, and girls need their girls to survive in this world.


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