The Things No One Will Tell You About Your Wedding

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When you look at wedding photographs all you see is perfection. The memory of a celebration, your family, and friends all dressed up and having fun. Smiles and laughter are captured in every photograph. This is exactly the way the event had unfolded. However, there are certain parts, leading up to and during the big day that no one tells future brides and grooms to expect.


Weddings seem like such natural events that happen all by themselves. Everything gets magically arranged and put into place. Flowers seem to bloom as if of nowhere. Magic seems to to be everywhere. This is not the case in reality. Most parts of every wedding require a lot of planning and a lot of work goes into every detail. And even with all the attention to detail, all the list the bride and groom might make things still surprise you. Here is a list of things no one tells you about your wedding day.


before wedding

10 Minutes Before the Wedding

As much craziness as there might be before the wedding the most agitated part will be right before the ceremony begins. The 10 minutes leading up to everything will be the most nerve-racking part. Try to remember that it will pass and once it does you will not even remember what it is that you were stressing out about.



The Ceremony is the Best Part

No one tells you that the best part of your wedding is the ceremony itself. If you think about it it is true. There is no one around you to tell you that something has gone wrong and even if it has it doesn’t matter. No one will stop the ceremony to tell you the cake is late! There is nothing more important at that moment except you and your significant other, face to face about to embark on a new journey. It is probably one of the two moments you will get to yourselves. All of your planning has lead up to this one moment. Enjoy every bit of it.


first dance wedding

The First Dance

The next moment that you will get to yourselves as a newly-wed couple is the moment you have your first dance. Considering that it is your day and you have no time to actually be together, taking advantage of these moments is very important. Knowing that these are going to be your moments is very important as well. Having them pass and realizing too late would be a pity. Relax and enjoy your first dance as husband and wife.


wedding tears

You Will Cry

You will cry on your wedding day, you’re only human after all. With all the emotions that build up to your wedding day, it is more than normal to shed a few tears. As a bride, it is very important to make sure you do not ruin your makeup. Opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. You will definitely need them and you will be happy you choose these products.


wedding smiles

Your Face Will Hurt From Smiling

You have never smiled as much as you will have on your wedding day. Your face will hurt from all the smiling. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy couple. Some smiles might not be authentic but in the end, no one likes a sour face. Your guest will be attending your wedding for you and you should show your appreciation. It is the courteous thing to do. Even if someone might say or do something that might make you mad, do not let it show. It will ruin your day and it might end up showing in your photographs.


wedding love

You Will Be Showered With Love

Something that might surprise you in a good way on your wedding day is all the support and love you will receive and feel on your big day. Family members and friends will go out of their way to make sure that you are both happy and having a great time. It is ironic if you think about it. It is your job to entertain your guests and all of a sudden they are doing their best to make sure you have a beautiful day. It will be heart-warming to feel all that love directed towards the both of you. If you find yourself in need of anything there will always be at least one person nearby willing to help you out. That is the great thing about weddings, they bring people together.


wedding exhaustion

You Will Be Exhausted

At some point during your wedding, you will find yourself very exhausted. It is more than natural considering that you will probably have been up for many hours. Chances are you will probably have not eaten very much. The best trick in such situation, especially if you are a bride, is to have some chocolate nearby. The sugar from chocolate will help bounce you back to a more lively mood.


alone time wedding

You Will Want Some Alone Time

Having all the attention on you will leave you wanting a little bit of alone time. Realizing that it is only one day and starting tomorrow you can have all the alone time the two of you wish for is a big thing. Try to take little breaks and share a kiss here and there. The truth is that a wedding without the presence of a bride and groom is always noticed. Take small breaks (in shifts).


wedding gone wrong

Things Will Go Wrong

Accept that certain things will not go as planned. Be ready spiritually to accept this. Chances are there will be certain problematic factors that will come up before or during your wedding. Ignore them. The truth is that it will probably be too late to deal with the matter and in all honesty, it will not even matter. You will find yourself having to much fun to even care that there will be a problem. Laugh it off and leave it up to someone else to fix. And there will be someone eager to help you fix any problem you might encounter on your wedding day.



Moments Will Surprise You

The most magical moments will happen when you least expect it. Thinking that certain moments will be memorable is not how weddings work. Since there will be a number of people there, there is no way of controlling everything. A simple song can turn into a beautiful moment. You can find yourself dancing and laughing with all of your guests and truly enjoying yourselves. Those are the moments that matter. Pure and true moments. Life is made out of such moments and realizing they are happening and taking advantage is all you have to do. That is how you make beautiful memories.


You Will Be Dehydrated

As the bride, chances are you will not have had much to drink on the big day. Considering that you may find it difficult to go to the restrooms with all the layers your dress will have it is understandable. Having a sip of water here and there will be necessary at some part. Do not drink excessive amounts of liquids during your wedding but do not go dehydrated as well. The last thing you will want is to faint at your own wedding. The groom may drink as much as he wishes.


You Will Not Eat

Before the wedding, during the preparation period, there are many choices to make. Your wedding menu is one of those choices. Should it be salmon or should you go with chicken? Do you opt for a buffet? Open bar? There are many choices to be made. Once your wedding day passes you will have realized that you have no idea what the food tasted like or how it was. It is very common for the bride and groom to not get a chance to eat at their own wedding. You could, however, ask for a portion so that you could take home with you and you both could enjoy your wedding feast the next day. It will be better than nothing.


You Will Be Complimented

All eyes will be on the two of you, especially the bride. Get ready for a lot of compliments from all of your guests. Remember to always smile and thank them. After all, they are complimenting you. Do not let your frustration show, it will look bad if you do so. You might get tired of hearing how beautiful or handsome you are over and over, but remember that your guest has only told you once or twice. Just smile and be courteous like a true lady or gentleman.


Your Wedding Dress Will Get Dirty

To all brides, your wedding dress will not be pristine for long. This might be sad but it is true. The main idea is to accept this and move on. It will be crisp and white when all of your guests arrive and when the ceremony begins. And that is all a bride can hope for. Afterward, it would be absurd to think that it will not get a little bit dirty or smudged. Do not let it ruin the rest of your day. And remember that in the final photographs your wedding dress will look impeccable.


It All Makes You Feel Different

Another big surprise to all newly-weds is that even tho you might have been together for a while, you will feel different after the ceremony. This is normal considering that it is your first day as a married couple. Realizing that everything is official takes a good toll on your feelings. You will simply love the high it will be giving you. During the wedding, you will notice your bride or groom smile and it will fill your heart with joy. They will seem different to you somehow. A good kind of different.


Once your wedding day is over you will find yourself surprised by the feeling you will have. You will fell “sad” that the big day has come and gone. After all the months of planning that goes into a wedding, having it pass in one night will make you realize how fast time truly passes.

When you will find yourself a little out of sorts because the wedding is over try to remember these two little tricks, these next parts will make you smile and give you a boost of energy. Your honeymoon is almost here and wedding photos are still on the way. There is always something to look forward to. To the happy couple, enjoy every minute of your wedding.


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Sasha Durant is a professional writer with a specialist focus on weddings / photography / the broader leisure industry. She works at Newton Hall in Northumberland a luxury hotel and wedding venue specialising in unique outdoor weddings.



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