The Ultimate Thank You Gifts for the Brides Mum

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There are so many things to get done when it comes to weddings that one might forget some essential parts and even people. The bride and groom might be the main attraction, but we must not overlook the people that love and care for you, especially on this big day, such as your mother.

A mother is defined by the love she has for you. The lady that raised you is the most important women in the world. You wouldn’t be the person you are today without the love and support of your mother. Without mothers, where would we be? We would not have been here today and most definitely your wedding wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for mothers. Watching you grow up and become independent is difficult, show your mother you will always need her love and support.

Take time before your wedding to spend with your mother or the person that raised you. Friends are great, but family should come first.

Ultimate Gifts for a brides Mother:



Jewelry is something that woman love and have since the beginning of time. We somehow figured it out thousands of years ago that we loved any type of accessories! Men took this fact and created it in reality and began offering these pieces of metal (at first) and gold as a token of their affection. Fast forward to modern times and we can buy each other jewelry or even for ourselves.

Jewelry and accessories are a statement nowadays. You can choose from bracelets, earrings to necklaces. They can all be personalized. You can have them engraved for that very personal touch that will not go unappreciated. Choose something special for your mother to show her that she means the world to you.

Your mother will tear up and the fact that is will be a wedding gift from her daughter before her wedding will give the gift even more meaning.



Nothing says “Elegance” like pearls. In ancient Greek times, pearl wedding gifts were a favorite tradition, offering a blessing of affection for the years to come. To the Romans, they were the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. Centuries later, pearls haven’t lost a bit of their appeal.

They take years to grow (just as she did with you!), their beauty is unsurpassed (just like your mom!), they are a rare jewel found in nature (need say more?)—and for thousands of years, pearls have symbolized love, perfection, and uniqueness.

The best gift a bride can offer her mother would have to be a piece of jewelry made of pearls or incarcerated with pearls. Pearls are perfect gifts for mothers; they will be passed down to you and your kids. The history of a piece of jewelry you bought will grow in importance over the years. You are creating family heirlooms.


The Perfect Dresses

It seems that all brides want to dress up their bridesmaids similar to each other but what about the mother? We always seem to overlook our mothers since we were young. You are a grown woman now and you should put some thought into the woman that raised you.

Take her out and look for a dress together. The experience will be more than enough for her. Remeber when you were little and wanted to go shopping with your mother? Now it is your turn.

Since the mother of the bride is very important, her dress should be something to stare at. It should be a light color and it should flatter her. After all you “got it from your momma”.


The perfect Shoes

Our dear Cinderella lost a shoe and gained a certain “Prince Charming”- this is how important shoes are to women. Besides jewelry, there is nothing else that women love more than shoes and this is a fact.

Your mother might have found her prince charming a while ago but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a crystal slipper. Shoe shopping with your mom sounds splendid.


Clutch Bag

Bags are the extension of most women’s hands. You rarely see a woman without a bag nowadays. A clutch bag would be a great gift for your mother. They could use them on your wedding day and at other events as well. When people will compliment her on it, she can say it was a gift from her little girl.


Personalized Handkerchief

Since weddings are very emotional moments for the family, tears are bound to slide down the cheek. Mothers will become emotional when watching their little girls dress in their wedding gowns. Having a personalized handkerchief for your mother with a personal text made just for her will probably make her tear even more, but the gesture will be grand.


A Photo Album

You can make your mother a photo album with photos of the two of you since you were a little baby. It will be a gift that will be from the heart and she will love it. You can include photos, cards you got for her growing up, drawings you made, whatever keepsakes she kept. Plus putting it all into one place will make it easier for her to keep safe. This gift will go straight to her heart. She will be needing the handkerchief.


One last Sleepwear

This is the last chance you will have to spend a night in your childhood home with your mother. Most brides have sleepovers with their bridesmaids before the wedding but in reality, you can do both. Your mother will appreciate and it would be more appropriate to be her little girl one more time before you get married. Your mother has cared for you since the day you started breathing. Have one last sleepover with your mom before you become a wife.


Spa day with Mum

Take the time and spend a full day with your mother. As stylish as your mother might be she will love it if you took interest and booked her a couple of appointments for a mother-daughter spa day.

You can reserve full services since she has given you her full attention since you were little. You can book a relaxing massage, followed by a facial, have your nails done and enjoy a lunch in at the spa.


Skin Care Products

An amazing idea that your mother will love is a small box with skin care products.

  • Eye mask, so that all the sleep they lose won’t pop up in your photos.
  • Face cream, to keep their skin hydrated.
  • Bath salts, so that they can relax at home.
  • Shower gel, because it goes with the bath.
  • Body lotion, because apparently women can never have enough body lotion.

They say you only get married once and we recommend taking the time to make a list. There is always enough time to plan a wedding even if it doesn’t seem so. It doesn’t usually happen rapidly. You have time to organize and keep these gifts and moments in mind. All of these are small tokens of your affection and they will not cost you a fortune. If you make a list you can begin looking and booking beforehand.

In the end when the big day arrives it will all be about the people that are there to celebrate your union. These will be people that love you and respect you, . These are the most valuable moments in your life, show your appreciation.

Growing up you might have given your mother enough macaroni art and jewelry to feed a small army, it is time that you made a grand gesture and show her how much you appreciate and love her.



Sean Benfield is a writer based in the North East UK and an enthusiastic lover of weddings since 2008 when he was married and still is happily so. He works for Newton Hall in Northumberland a wedding venue that specialises in extraordinary outdoor weddings.

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Sean Benfield

I'm a writer and avid enthusiast of all things to do with weddings, planning getting married and wedding venues. I live and work on the beautiful Northumberland coast in the North East of the UK.